Injectables services offered in Arrowhead Ranch, Glendale, AZ

With so many options in the aesthetic world it can be daunting to differentiate between all the treatment options, and which is best for you. Often times in order to reach your goals using a variety of modalities is necessary. During your consultation we will discuss what is important to you and come up with a treatment plan. We will discuss your individual anatomy and the changes that are occurring as you age. Getting a through medical history is vital to choosing the right products and treatments specifically designed for you. Once we have agreed on a treatment plan we work together to accomplish your aesthetic goals. Strategically using wrinkle relaxers such as Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau, dermal fillers, PRP and Sculptra will leave you looking refreshed and natural. 

Injectables Q & A

What Are Wrinkle Relaxers?

In the growing world of medical aesthetics, it can be quite confusing for patients to know what each product is used for and what is the best choice for them. Wrinkle relaxers are what you commonly hear referred to as either Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau or Xeomin. These treatments are proven to be safe time and time again and yield beautiful and natural results. 

Each brand of Wrinkle Relaxers has the same active ingredient, Botulinum Toxin Type A. Each brand has slightly different trace proteins bound to the active ingredient. They work by relaxing or “freezing” the muscle injected. In turn reducing or eliminating both static and active lines on the face. Wrinkle relaxers can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis in the armpits, migraines, TMJ, clenching, and reduce pore size. And can be used globally on the face as well as many parts of the body. 


How Much do I need?

Wrinkle Relaxers are dosed per unit. The number of units used varies dependent on the strength of the muscle as well as the goals of the patient. The recommended dose for the 3 most common areas which include your frontalis (forehead), glabella (frown lines) and the orbicularis oculi ( crows feet) is 64 units. This dosage should last you 3-4 months. Getting the correct dosage is the key for longevity and effective results. 


What Should I Expect?

Wrinkle relaxers are not the same as dermal fillers as they do not “fill” or add volume to areas that have a deficit. The injections are virtually painless and a full-face takes about 10 minutes. Once injected expect to have small blebs that will dissipate within 30 minutes. You will begin seeing results in about 4 days with the final results at 2 weeks, 4 weeks for larger muscles. At 2 weeks we will meet for a follow-up to assure everything has settled perfectly and allows time for any refinement.  Between week 6-8 you will slowly regain muscle movement in the treated areas and by then end of 3-4 months you can expect to be at baseline. 


When Should I Get a Treatment?

Be sure to plan accordingly with events. The best time to get a Wrinkle Relaxer treatment is 4 weeks before your special occasion or event. This allows time for the product to settle and opportunity for any refinement if needed. Minor swelling and bruising can occur and commonly subside in a few days.


Types of Injectables


Dermal Fillers

What are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers that you may be familiar with are Juvéderm and Restylane. These brands have a multitude of fillers that are used specifically for certain areas of your face and neck. 

Think of fillers as restoring volume where you have lost over the years or adding volume where you may want more contour.  Fillers are made-up of a highly concentrated form of hyaluronic acid, which is already produced in your body. These fillers have a gel like substance and often contain lidocaine to help decrease discomfort during and after injections. These gels vary from a firm and cohesive gel down to a soft and fluid gel. Because there are so many options, we can individualize your treatment plan based off your wants and needs. 

Dermal fillers on average last 1-2 years depending on the product and results are immediate. Dermal fillers can be injected via needle or a blunt cannula and are tolerated well by most patients. Expect to have swelling and bruising for up to 2 weeks after a dermal filler treatment. Because they are made of a gel substance they can be dissolved if need be with a reversal agent called Hylenex. The most common areas injected are cheeks, lips, chin and jawline. You can also treat superficial lines, temples and neck lines with filler. 



The power of PRP is infinite. PRP also known as Platelet Rich Plasma is derived from your own blood and has been used for many years in the orthopedic world. PRP contains platelets and plasma that are essential for cell growth. Injecting PRP allows your own body to regenerate cells and improve areas such as your under-eyes, fine lines and hair growth. PRP will improve crepey skin, reduce darkness under the eyes and give an overall glow to your skin. 

During the process we draw your blood, spin it in a centrifuge that will separate the PRP from the red blood cells. We remove the PRP full of your own regenerative properties and use a small gauge needle or cannula to administer it. Most commonly PRP is used under the eyes for dark circles and crepey skin and in the scalp to promote hair growth. PRP is also used with our microneedling treatments to improve skin texture and tone. 

PRP treatments should be done in a series of 3 about 1 month apart then yearly as needed. PRP treatments are extremely safe and effective. Although results can take up to 6 weeks post treatment patients are thrilled with the results. There is minimal downtime if any for some patients. Bruising and swelling are common for the first couple days. 



Sculptra is known as the 401k for your skin. It is a biostimulator made of Poly-L Lactic Acid. Sculptra is not a filler, although injected similarly. As we age, we lose collagen there for causing our skin to have laxity. This laxity results in wrinkles, dullness to the skin and sagging. Sculptra not only adds volume where needed but tightness skin and gives patients a " Sculptra Glow." Sculptra is used globally in the face making results flawless and harmonized. Not only can it be used for the face but the neck, knees and buttock. 

The number or vials needed will be determined at your consultation but most often 2 vials are used for initial treatment followed by another treatment about 3 months later. Expect to have swelling the first 3-4 days. After that the area treated will return to baseline. Starting day one of your treatment you will massage the area for 5 min, 5 times a day for 5 days to allow the product to evenly disperse. Over the next 4-8 weeks your body begins to form collagen in the areas treated leaving you with lifted, tighter and brighter skin.

These results typically last up to 2 years. I recommended coming in yearly for one vial to continue promotion of collagen. Many patients who use Sculptra will say they feel they are aging in reverse.